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Fund Investment:

Investment > € 50K along with other investors in a dedicated fund for Nepal. Fund investors outsource the full investment management services to One to Watch. However, fund investors have the option to engage in an active role as company coach, member of the advisory board, fundraising ambassador, etc. The defining character of a fund investment is the shared risk and combined effort to build companies.

One to Watch is managing the Nepal Impact Investment Club (NIIC) and Nepal Circulatory Fund (NCF).



Investment directly in a company as a ‘sole’ investor matching the full investment need of a company. Peer to Peer investors select their own investments and remain actively involved in managing the investment. One to Watch supports the investor in Nepal by offering administrative services and representing the investor in Nepal. Important decisions are conducted between the entrepreneur and the investor. The defining character of a peer to peer investment is the deep personal involvement in a single company.

Impact investors and One to Watch

compose a small but dedicated community

with the aim to build companies in Nepal for

serious impact and serious profit.


One to Watch is offering Impact investors

two options to invest in Nepali companies