Willem Grimminck


Willem is the man who initiated and set up One to Watch in 2010 with Dirk Aleven. He leads the operations in Nepal and represents the investors in the board of investee companies. Where most of us see obstacles, Willem smiles, rolls up his sleeves and gets things done. He is a driven social entrepreneur who is committed to Nepal and confident about its future. With proven track record he is a reliable partner for entrepreneurs, investors and international development agencies.

Sunayna Tamrakar

Investment Manager

Sunayna develops investment plans while she also monitors, reports and implements admin systems for the investee companies. A chartered accountant by profession she has diversified experience of 10 years working as financial analyst, finance & accounts and internal audit & compliance in multinational companies in various sectors as well as non-profit projects.

Sanjib Karki

Monitoring Officer

Sanjib is a self-made man and monitoring expert with 12 years of versatile experience in auditing, accounting, financial administration and reporting for both profit and non-profit organizations. He knows every single accounting and tax details needed for companies to sustain in Nepal. He helps both startups and established companies strengthen their financial administration with appropriate systemization.

Ronia Tandukar

Administration/Finance Officer

Ronia is trusted with One to Watch's financial administration and office management. With a very clear career goal of becoming chief finance officer - she tracks, maintains, manages and reports the existing financial systems of not only One to Watch but also investee companies. Highly organized, enthusiastic and motivated she is also an MBA candidate.

Debesh Lal Pradhan

Business Analyst

Debesh is responsible for consultancy and analysis of projects as well as business development of investee companies in One to Watch. He helps companies realize their market potential and helps them grow through strategic decisions. He uses intensive market research and study of companies to bridge the gap between their services and market requirements.

Shraddha Pant

Financial Analyst

Shraddha is responsible for screening, analysis and monitoring of projects at One to Watch. Passionate about socially responsible investing, she is even more enthusiastic about helping Nepalese entrepreneurs scale-up their businesses to create sustainable social impact. She is proud of her work ethics and believes in evolving constantly through on the job experiences.

Simon Mathijssen

Program Director

Simon is the umbrella that holds the entire Rockstart Impact program together. He leads the team as well as operations and keeps a close track of entrepreneurs' progress. He is the person to talk to if you need to get insights on the program content, its milestones, get connected to alumni companies or share insights on anything at all.



Nivida Lamichhane

Public Relations Officer

Nivida manages relations and partnerships between One to Watch, Rockstart Impact and the world outside. She has worked with Nepal's entrepreneurial ecosystem since 2014 which is showcased in her column, 'Investor's Impact' with The Himalayan Times. With an exposure to the national and international work scenario, culture and people- Public Relations comes naturally to Nivida.

Kemesh Maharjan

Graphic Designer

A student of Fine Arts, Kemesh has been working as a graphic designer for six years now. From logos to posters to brochures to webpages - he takes up and enjoys the creative challenge of turning every small and big communication of One to Watch and Rockstart Impact into an exciting design. He constantly pushes himself to produce the best work possible.