Abhiyantriki Karmashala: Promoting the EV Movement in Nepal

Abhiyantriki Karmashala: Promoting the EV Movement in Nepal

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining momentum in Nepal. Both existing vehicle owners and first-time buyers are increasingly opting for EVs over traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. While this shift has been particularly noticeable in recent years, Abhiyantriki Karmashala, has been on a mission to drive this positive change for many years now.

Abhiyantriki Karmashala is a company deeply passionate about engineering and strongly committed to community responsibility. Since its inception, the company has been driven by a desire to empower all stakeholders in the EV ecosystem, including distributors, customers, professionals, policymakers, technicians, and public-facing businesses, to embrace EVs. Despite increased adoption of EVs in recent years, there are many who don’t have full faith in  its reliability as an alternative to ICE vehicles. That confidence stood at a much shakier ground when Abhiyantriki started with the following specialized services to alleviate concerns around EVs’ reliability.

EV and EV Infrastructure Consulting

Abhiyantriki guides various stakeholders on adopting EVs, setting up necessary charging infrastructure, and electrifying vehicle fleets enabling them to make informed decisions aligned with their goals and interests, when it comes to EVs.

EV Prototyping

Abhiyantriki is actively engaged in designing and prototyping different types of EVs, ranging from bicycles and motorcycles to carts, tempos and even buses. They’re committed to leave no stone unturned in their aim to pioneer innovative solutions for sustainable transportation tailored to the needs of Nepal.

EV Repair and Maintenance

Leveraging their expertise in mechanical engineering and EVs, Abhiyantriki offers repair and maintenance services specifically focused on EVs, including roadside assistance and comprehensive overhauls. Their services cover everything from digital component repair and upgrades to fabrication and manufacturing of vehicle bodies, ensuring optimal vehicle condition for EV users.

Converting ICE to EVs

Abhiyantriki is also engaged in converting ICE vehicles into EVs. With successful projects converting vehicles such as motorcycles, three-wheelers, tractors and buses, Abhiyantriki has demonstrated its ability to work across all aspects of EV conversion, accumulating valuable knowledge and experience in the process.

EV Trainings

Through independent and collaborative training programs with other EV stakeholders, on EVs, EV technologies, and emerging trends, Abhiyantriki is equipping professionals and students in the automobile industry with the knowledge and skills needed for a sustainable future. These trainings aim to ensure that the automobile industry workforce remains updated and prepared for the evolving landscape of transportation.

Despite challenges and uncertainties, Abhiyantriki Karmashala has remained steadfast in its commitment to advancing the EV revolution in Nepal. Their passion for engineering, dedication to the community, and EV expertise, along with the support from stakeholders, has sustained them on this journey.

The USAID Clean Air’s Business Accelerator for Clean Air program is supporting Abhiyantriki to continue their impactful journey, with tailored business development services and matched financial assistance to benefit the community, the automobile industry professionals and, moreover, the environment.