Balkot Meat Mart: A Modern Butcher Shop Promoting Healthy Meat Eating Habits

Balkot Meat Mart: A Modern Butcher Shop Promoting Healthy Meat Eating Habits

A physicist by degree, Mr. Dipendra Karki, ventured into an atypical entrepreneurship journey with Balkot Meat Mart in 2020. Balkot Meat Mart is a modern butcher shop which stands out with its advanced facilities and equipment.During the pandemic, the meat mart started out by serving customers with uncompromised hygienic meat cuts.The commitment to hygiene continues to be at the center of Balkot Meat Mart’s philosophy to date. 

According to founder and owner, Balkot Meat Mart is dedicated to delivering high-quality meat products through its contemporary facility, ensuring health standards and customer satisfaction.”

Mr. Karki was previously engaged in the feed and broiler industry."I initiated the venture for my brother,” he shares. The original concept was geared towards the chicken growing model.”He conceived Balkot Meat Mart as an enterprise where he would provide farmers with feed and chicks, purchasing their grown chickens to supply to the meat mart. The shop's amenities were influenced by Mr. Karki’s  brother’s  five-year stay in Japan.The brothers together aimed to provide customers with the best possible meat shopping experience. However, like many Nepalese, Mr. Karki’s  brother later too aspired to settle abroad. Consequently, Dipendra assumed the role of the founder running the butchering business.

Mirroring the unlikely becoming of its owner, Balkot Meat  Mart stands out for its unique proposition. The butcher shop business is equipped with state of the art amenities.The incorporation of automated machines for plucking, cleaning, and cutting meat into uniform pieces, serves to elevate health and hygiene standards, a rarity in Nepali meat shops. As the customers walk-in they are welcomed by glass sensor doors. Inside the shop, customers can lounge in A/C as they wait for their meat cuts to be prepared and packaged.

In addition to upholding their hygiene standards, Mr. Karki also demonstrates sensitivity towards his customers' preferences and health. He explained, "In Nepal, customers often prefer to take away freshly cut meats. However, it's safer to store meat at chilled temperatures for at least eight hours before consumption. We promote the consumption of frozen meat and educate our customers accordingly." Furthermore, instead of openly displaying cuts of meat, where they can be exposed to germs in room temperature or attract flies infestation, Balkot Meat Mart stores its meat in chillers. Within these chillers, the meat is also segregated into chicken and mutton, taking into account the ethnic and personal preferences of their customers.

Balkot Meat Mart offers a diverse product range, including fish, duck, various types of eggs, frozen peas, sausages, and momos. When asked about the shop's unconventional location, which lies to the south of the bustling Balkot Intersection, Mr. Karki responded, " the location is strategically selected, based on the up-and-coming Balkot-Balkumari highway. Once the road construction is completed, Balkot Meat Mart is positioned to attract a substantial increase in traffic, competing with the Araniko Highway in terms of footfall.”

Balkot Meat Mart is serving walk-in customers, retail butcher shops, party palaces, hotels, and restaurants.

Buyers can place their order at:  015507513 or 9841225005

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