Bhaktapur Woodcraft : An SME Upholding the Wood-Crafting Tradition in Suryabinayak

Bhaktapur Woodcraft : An SME Upholding the Wood-Crafting Tradition in Suryabinayak

Bhaktapur Woodcraft situated in Balakwo, ward-5, is a manufacturer of traditional wooden crafts. Their product range includes intricately designed showpieces, functional household and office items, and fine furniture inspired from the Newa architectural style. Bhaktapur Woodcraft was pioneered by Ganesh Man Rajchal, whose journey began almost two decades ago as an apprentice to a woodcraft artisan with a shop at Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Working at the shop, he engaged with tourists who visited the shop and gained valuable design inputs from them. In 2006, these insights, coupled with Mr. Rajkal’s passion and dedication, materialized into the establishment of Bhaktapur Woodcraft.

Bhaktapur Woodcraft currently employs four skilled wood craftsmen. They meticulously handcraft their products using a variety of high-quality woods such as Sal, Satisal, or Sisau, and occasionally utilize simple hand-operated machines. The product lines are personally designed by Mr. Rajchal, who draws inspiration from traditional architecture while also staying attuned to modern consumer preferences through online tools and sources. Bhaktapur Woodcraft distributes its products through its retail shop in Balakwo and a retail partner's showroom in Mangalbazar.

Alongside being and artist and a business person, Mr. Rajchal is an active and respected member of his community, actively participating in various business associations and trade organizations. He previously served as the chairperson of Bhaktapur Hasatakala Sangh, an association dedicated to preserving and promoting the handicraft art both nationally and internationally. Leveraging his network, he has successfully expanded Bhaktapur Woodcraft’s product reach to international markets, including Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, and China.

Rooted in traditional art and craft-ship, Bhaktapur loses out sales due to limited online presence. Mr. Rajchal who recognizes this expressed, “I now want to have a website and effective run my social media, and make my products available in online market places and e-commerce platforms”

By providing a platform for traditional art to thrive using modern technology, The BUILD program is committed to supporting Mr. Rajchal's vision of steering Bhaktapur Woodcraft into a digital direction.