Off-grid Renewable Energy Fund (ORE)

Off-grid Renewable Energy Fund (ORE)

Despite having immense potential for solar energy generation, countries like Nepal face electricity shortages that stunt its economic growth and harnessing this potential requires large upfront investments. The Off-grid Renewable Energy (ORE) Fund closes the financial gap for solar electrification and enables climate action in the Himalayas while developing remote communities through access to affordable renewable energy.

ORE investments are catalyzing access to renewable energy by bridging the financial gap with a pay as you go strategy where the investment is done by ORE, and the customers pay per energy unit consumed via which the investment is paid back. This drives steady returns while achieving true community and environmental impact.

The ORE fund has recently made its first investment into a Nepali solar developer company 'Gham Power'. Watch the video below to have a closer look into 'Gham Power' and its operations!

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The ORE fund is now open for second round of investments! Join us and build a like-minded impact community! 



  • Affordable And Clean Energy
  • Decent Work And Economic Growth
  • Climate Action