New Support Services Launched for Myanmar Entrepreneurs

New Support Services Launched for Myanmar Entrepreneurs

When OTW first established its presence in Myanmar, most of our operations were centered around our annual flagship Enterprise Accelerator (formerly known as Rockstart Impact). After two years of working closely with local entrepreneurs, we have come to recognize the limitations of an intense 14-week investment preparation program. To better serve the varying needs of SGBs in different industries and stages of maturity/growth, OTW has been working on a new model that will provide customized services to impact-driven entrepreneurs who are preparing for investment.

With the goal of building a pipeline of investable/investment-ready Myanmar businesses, the "Business Development Services for Investment Readiness" Program offers services that will enable entrepreneurs to understand the existing gaps and opportunities in their business, develop a strategic plan to address these gaps, grow and professionalize their business, and attract investors. The program is broken down into four different services that build upon one another:

Phase 1: Business Mapping Services

The Business Mapping Service is intended to provides entrepreneurs with an increased understanding of their business, serving as and provide a foundation for their them to prepare for investment preparation. Together with the eEntrepreneur, rs will consult with OTW consultants will to map out their business to help them gain a clear overview of their current financial standing and gain new insights into their business and opportunities for growth. in its current state, get their financial accounts in order, and develop a basic financial model and pitch deck.

Phase 2: Professional Gap Analysis & Development Plan

Companies that have the necessary documents for analysis will consult with OTW's international expert mentors who have expertise in various areas of business. The mentor will conduct a Professional Gap Analysis assessment and draft a suitable development plan to address the gaps found.

Phase 3: Business Development Support Services

OTW will facilitate the development progress of companies that have connected with investors and need business development support with relevant consultation services, necessary linkages for business growth, and prepare documents required for investors to review.

Phase 4: Investment Readiness Assessment

For companies that have Once companies have prepared all the necessary documents for investors, OTW's investment committee will review their case and perform an Investment Readiness Assessment. to review their case. Approved companies will then explore investment options with OTW and/or other investors.

Based on the maturity of the business, companies may also enter the program at any phase, provided that the company passes the internal selection criteria. Interested entrepreneurs can now inquire for these services by contacting One to Watch Myanmar at Mentors and experts interested in working with our entrepreneurs may get involved by reaching out to Robbert Groenen, Country Director of OTW Myanmar at