Ocimum Nursery Planting Possibilities: A teacher’s journey to becoming an Entrepreneur

Ocimum Nursery Planting Possibilities: A teacher’s journey to becoming an Entrepreneur

Nestled in the serene locale of Palanse, Suryabinayak, Ocimum Nursery’s name is rooted in the scientific nomenclature of Tulsi, known as Ocimum. A botanical haven for commercial gardeners, plant enthusiasts, and hobbyists alike - Ocimum offers a delightful escape from clamored urban living to anyone visiting this place.

Ocimum Nursery was founded by Ms. Sabina Aryal, a former government school teacher who ventured into the nursery business after retiring in 2019. But the seeds of inspiration of starting a venture of her own were planted during her years as an educator, where Ms. Aryal taught entrepreneurship and occupational skills to her students. Her decision to pursue a career in the nursery sector was ultimately shaped by her sheer love and passion for gardening and plantation.

“Ocimum Nursery saw its beginnings from my mother-in-law's kitchen garden. To launch the business, I initially invested 6 lakhs rupees and, in the subsequent four years, reinvested the profits,” Ms. Aryal shared with us. As of today, Ocimum Nursery has expanded to 1017 square meters of land and added three greenhouse tunnels. The nursery’s product offerings include different varieties of herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices. Additionally, amenities like solar fountain, pots, TDS meter, humidity and temperature meters are also available for purchase from the nursery.

Sabina revealed to us that during the COVID-19 pandemic, while numerous businesses faced hardships, Ocimum Nursery actually experienced a surge in demand for both indoor and outdoor plants. “In those times, Ocimum became a hub for plant hobbyists, gardeners, and farmers, attracting customers not only from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur but also from as far as the Humla district.”

Talking about her motivations, Sabina shared her aspiration to turn Ocimum into a destination where students could visit for day excursions to learn about plants and nature. "While I used to teach my students about the nursery occupation, I couldn't provide them with hands-on experience, I desire for Ocimum to become an avenue for children to learn about running a nursery business,” she says. Her other immediate plans include adding new varieties of herbs and plants to her nursery.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of Nursery, and learn about Ocimum, Ms. Sabina Aryal and her entrepreneurial venture.