One to Watch is collaborating with PRO2: Empowering Returnee Migrant Workers in Nepal

One to Watch is collaborating with PRO2: Empowering Returnee Migrant Workers in Nepal

In an innovative partnership, Dutch NGO PRO2 and One to Watch have joined forces to tackle the challenges faced by returnee migrant workers in Nepal. The collaborative initiative aims to foster sustainable livelihoods and create employment opportunities within Nepal itself, addressing the issues that have plagued Nepali migrant workers for years.

The motivation behind this project is deeply rooted in the tragic events that have unfolded concerning Nepali migrant workers, particularly those who have suffered during the preparations for the Qatar World Cup. These incidents have shed light on the dire need to support and uplift the lives of Nepali migrant workers, offering them a chance to thrive in their home country and avoid the often hazardous journeys abroad.

One to Watch is currently undertaking a comprehensive market scoping that delves into the realities of returnee migrants in Nepal. The project aims to achieve several crucial objectives:

  1. Understanding Migration Dynamics: Investigating the challenges and issues faced by returnee migrant workers in Nepal.
  2. Spotting Business Opportunities: Identifying businesses that hire migrant workers or have been started by returnee migrant workers.
  3. Meeting Specific Needs: Recognizing and addressing the unique requirements of returnee migrant workers and their businesses.
  4. Engaging Stakeholders: Collaborating with stakeholders and ecosystem players to design effective business support services.

The PRO2 x One to Watch collaboration is geared towards creating a positive impact beyond just economic gains. As the project advances, it has the potential to serve as a model for other regions facing similar challenges, demonstrating the power of collective action. This partnership represents the aspiration for a brighter future for Nepal's returnee migrant workers, setting an inspiring precedent for driving positive change at a national level.

If you are an organization providing employment to returnee migrant workers or a returnee migrant worker who has established a business in Nepal, reach out to us at: