One to Watch Plans to Start Investing in Myanmar’s SGBs

One to Watch Plans to Start Investing in Myanmar’s SGBs

One to Watch Plans to Start Investing in Myanmar’s SGBs

In recent years, Myanmar’s government has become more economically progressive and welcoming of foreign direct investment. The “Golden Land” is well positioned for economic prosperity: Myanmar shares direct land and sea connections to the large markets of China, India and Thailand and possesses a large internal market. The continued emergence of new economic opportunities despite ongoing political unrest in border areas indicates that Myanmar has tremendous room for growth and development.

At this moment of economic transition, entrepreneurs are key to turning market inefficiencies into opportunities and leading the nation into inclusive growth, but they cannot do this alone. Business expertise, technical assistance, and investments will be continuously needed to support entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of this movement.

After 3 years of on-the-ground sourcing and market scoping, One to Watch Myanmar has decided to focus on supporting innovative companies in key sectors that contribute to the nation’s socioeconomic development and growth: agriculture and solar technology.

With an abundance of virgin lands and favorable climate zones, the agriculture sector is expected to grow its current sizable contribution to 38% of GDP and over 70% of workforce employment[1]. At the same time, solar technologies and solar energy providers are crucial for the livelihood and development of the 6.5 million households that do not have access to the national grid[2].

All investments will focus on strong individual entrepreneurs in these two sectors who are eager to grow and have a commercially viable business model. Thereafter, One to Watch will build a network of experts, provide market linkages and create strategic partnerships – in both the private and development sector – around their companies.

The goal of One to Watch remains the same : to prove that generating financial returns and creating lasting social and environmental impact can go hand in hand. The One to Watch Myanmar team thanks our supporters for giving us their trust and helping us turn our plans into reality. We hope to continue to strengthen our partnerships with our mentors, investors, networkers and more. Please reach out to us if you are interested in becoming involved with our progress in Myanmar.