One to Watch portfolio company Gham Power completes 12 years of operations!

One to Watch portfolio company Gham Power completes 12 years of operations!

Gham Power has completed 12 years in business! Over the years, Gham Power has embarked on a journey from being an installation service company to a solar electricity provider.

The first One to Watch (OTW) investment in Gham Power was made in 2015. The initial investment was aimed to enable R&D for product development and to provide working capital to pre-finance solar grids. Based on OTW’s improved understanding of the market and the steady performance of Gham Power, OTW committed additional capital, which has helped them to maintain their leading position in the market.

In the coming years, OTW will continue to support Gham Power to increase their capacity to source, maintain and  manage distributed solar solutions at scale. Even as they step into their 13th year of operations, Gham Power has always remained open to try out new things. Read more to learn about “All of their Firsts” in their quarterly newsletter here.

This month, Gham Power also organized an exclusive energy-related networking event "POWER HOUR" in Birgunj in collaboration with Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs'​ Forum (NYEF). The event held on July 8th saw Commercial Businesses and Industry Leaders come together to discuss and share knowledge on how to build reliable and quality electricity through green and renewable solutions such as solar.

The event featured an Open Discussion session with honorable speakers and the participants on energy-related topics and a Networking session where all the invitees explored collaboration areas and provided a platform to connect and network with huge personalities in the industrial and energy sector of Nepal.