One to Watch portfolio creates 415 direct jobs

One to Watch portfolio creates 415 direct jobs

One to Watch portfolio creates 415 direct jobs

Fourteen investee companies of One to Watch have supported a total of 415 direct jobs, as calculated at the end of 2018. This is a 26% increase in direct jobs since 2017, when One to Watch released its first impact booklet. Similarly, 906 suppliers (620 individual and 286 organizations) were engaged by these companies. Access to higher income, via jobs and as suppliers to the companies, enables people to improve their livelihoods and support their families. With impact as one of the cores of its investment strategy, One to Watch endeavours to bring positive change in Nepal’s economic growth and productivity.

In December 2018, One to Watch released its second Impact Booklet, published after assessment of fourteen investee companies. The impact of each company is measured as per the triple bottom line: Economic, Social, and, Environmental impact. Impact metrics, for each company, are defined based on the GIIN metrics and some of these metrics, such as employment generation and supplier engagement, are common to all companies while others are specific to the activities of the respective company.

Reaching Thousands

Over the last year, One to Watch’s portfolio companies have created impact in all three bottom lines. Through these companies, more people have access to clean water, clean and renewable energy, quality education etc. Similarly, more farmers have access to modern farming services, better irrigation facilities, and disease resistant plants. Collectively these companies have supported thousands of people. Of the 415 direct jobs created, 307 jobs are permanent while 108 are seasonal. 44% of the total permanent jobs, accounting for 134 jobs, are held by women. Almost all permanent employees have been trained by the companies to help build their capacities, while more than 8,000 non-employees have also received capacity building trainings. These include smallholder farmers receiving trainings in modern farming practices, software training to engineering students and professionals, school children trained in water sanitation and hygienic practices, barista trainings, or, individuals trained in waste segregation. Over the year the companies have collectively served more than 336 thousand individual clients and 678 client organizations.

Achieving the Goals

Through these investments and partnerships, One to Watch has been able to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, and, SDG 17 – Partnership for the Goals. Specific investee companies also support various other goals, most directly SDGs 1 to 7. One to Watch, and its investee companies, work to help Nepal attain a higher level of economic productivity through decent job creation, promotion of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Investee companies have access to additional financial resources via FDIs, as well as access to global networks, technologies, and capacities.

Future Plans

Every December, One to Watch brings to the community the gift of Impact!

In the comings years One to Watch aims to continue supporting the development of Nepal’s economy and its entrepreneurial ecosystem through investments and support to entrepreneurs, enabling them to reach their full potentials. After successfully implementing investments for more than six years, One to Watch is currently building a 20 million Euro impact investment fund, to improve access to finance for SGBs. In the coming years, One to Watch expects to increase the impact of its portfolio companies and to continue bringing more positive change.