OTW is supporting ‘Evoke’ restaurant to hit the ground running when clients return

OTW is supporting ‘Evoke’ restaurant to hit the ground running when clients return

‘Evoke’ is a charming café in Kathmandu evoking a sense of a welcoming work-friendly community that induces collaboration and social cohesion. The restaurant sector was one of the hardest hit sectors from the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, ‘Evoke’ had applied to the ‘One To Watch COVID-19 MSME fund’. They received an interest & collateral free loan and as part of the Business Development Service, OTW is providing them with customized intervention.

The intervention is being facilitated by ‘Avid Partners’ - a Kathmandu based business consulting firm specializing in restaurants.

With the help from OTW, ‘Avid Partners’ conducted a complete audit on end-to-end business operations of ‘Evoke’ and shared the findings as part of the Business Development Service (BDS) intervention facilitated by One to Watch. The audit involved one to one interview, a thorough gap analysis conducted on the basis of the written reports and fact sheets maintained in the daily operations by the respective department heads and employees.

The BDS intervention deep-dived into the various aspects of Evoke’s day to day operations - from procurement to wastage disposal, and trainings to after sales service, and identified key areas for improvements and provided professional recommendations on - Key backend activities, Operations and Customer and Employee Management.

This BDS exercise has helped Evoke to streamline their operations and manage their resources which will help the company to bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis. OTW plans to provide support to 40 such companies via its COVID-19 MSME Fund.