OTW's Response to COVID-19

OTW's Response to COVID-19

Over the last few weeks, OTW has been closely monitoring announcements from local government authorities and international organizations. In response to recent developments, the following measures have been implemented:

Continuation of Support for SGBs
As we brace ourselves for the economic consequences of the pandemic, SGBs will need more support than ever. During this time, OTW is committed to continue our support for SGBs. Our team will continue to operate and provide business development services virtually.

Work from Home
All OTW employees are currently working from home and practicing social distancing. Non-essential tasks that require employees to travel or leave their homes have been postponed.

Postponing of All OTW Events
All events organized by OTW will be postponed until further notice from local government authorities. We remain optimistic of the situation and hope to resume our planned events and workshops by the end of April.

OTW thanks you for your patience and understanding while we operate with limitations in the coming days.