Pick and Drop: Transforming Last-Mile Delivery

Pick and Drop: Transforming Last-Mile Delivery

In recent years, Nepal has witnessed a significant rise in e-commerce transactions, indicating a transformative shift in the country’s retail landscape. The confluence of digital technology, heightened internet accessibility, and evolving consumer preferences have paved the way for a burgeoning e-commerce market in Nepal. Amidst this digital revolution, last-mile delivery emerges as a linchpin in the e-commerce ecosystem, ensuring the timely arrival of our packages right at our doorsteps. One company that is at the forefront of last-mile delivery within Nepal is Pick and Drop, redefining last-mile delivery services and contributing to the country's flourishing e-commerce market. This success story unfolds against the backdrop of visionary founders—Ghanshyam Khanal, Nabin Parajuli, and Shishir Khanal—who, driven by entrepreneurial foresight, launched Pick and Drop in February 2020.

Recognizing the rising demand for dependable third-party delivery and logistics services, the founders officially launched the company in February 2020. The pivotal shift occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic when a shortage of LPG Gas in Kathmandu Valley prompted Pick and Drop to pivot to essential gas delivery services. This strategic move not only addressed a critical need during the lockdown but also set the stage for Pick and Drop to evolve into a dynamic player in the logistics and delivery sector in Nepal.

Post-lockdown, Pick and Drop reasserted its original goal as a third-party logistics provider, focusing on last-mile delivery services to businesses, particularly catering to Direct to Consumer (D2C) brands, clothing stores, and prominent e-commerce platforms. The company with its commitment to faster deliveries and seamless operations, is serving an expanding clientele with the likes of Daraz, Socheko.com, Basemark, Mheecha, Makkuse, T’S Armoire, and Zuwa Cosmetics comprising this clientele base.

The backbone of Pick and Drop’s seamless operations is a dedicated fleet of delivery riders, enabling them to ensure timely and reliable delivery services. Their unique selling proposition (USP) rests in their commitment to faster deliveries, leveraging robust technology for seamless operations, offering hassle-free returns, and ensuring timely payment settlements. This dedication to efficiency and customer satisfaction positions Pick and Drop as a reliable and competitive player in Nepal’s logistics and last-mile delivery sector.

Expanding its footprint beyond the Kathmandu Valley, Pick and Drop now operates in several cities, including Pokhara, Biratnagar, and Bharatpur. This geographical expansion underscores an underlying commitment to providing efficient logistics service on a more extensive scale. Looking ahead, Pick and Drop has set forth an ambitious growth plan that encompasses establishing a robust branch network throughout Nepal. This strategic initiative aims to enhance their logistical capabilities and further solidify their position as a key player in the country's thriving e-commerce landscape.

Additionally, in a commendable stride towards sustainability, Pick and Drop is also embracing sustainability through the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), aligning with global trends in environmentally conscious logistics solutions. In a tangible demonstration of this commitment, the company has incorporated five electric vehicles into its delivery fleet. This move underscores Pick and Drop’s dedication to reducing carbon footprint and embracing eco-friendly practices within the logistics sector.

Moreover, Pick and Drop is also prioritizing continuous technological enhancement as part of their growth strategy. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the company aims to optimize its operations, streamline delivery processes, and provide an even more seamless experience to its clients.

Pick and Drop is one of the cohort companies of USAID Business Accelerator for Clean Air. The program is supporting the company in undergoing a comprehensive brand revamp, aligning its visual identity with core values centered around efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. The program is also extending strategic advisory services, working hand in hand with the company in identifying key areas for enhancing operational efficiency and fostering advancements in technology development.