Pioneering Recycling: Doko Recyclers' Journey to Sustainability

Pioneering Recycling: Doko Recyclers' Journey to Sustainability

Waste management is an often overlooked part of operations for many businesses, both large and small, due to its complicated nature and perceived lack of viable options. Waste management is more than crisis management linked to the collection and dumping of wastes, which only transfers problems from one place to another. A statistical finding of ADB (Asian Development Bank) in 2013 reports that on average an individual in Kathmandu generates 317 grams of solid waste daily, totaling 525,000 tons of solid waste in a year in Kathmandu. 

In response to this pressing issue, three friends —Kushal Harjani, Raghavendra  Mahto, and Runit Saria—came together and conceived a new idea for waste management in the form of Doko Recyclers. After a year of conceptualization, they launched their website in July 2018. Building on existing models from India and Southeast Asia while infusing a Nepalese touch, Doko Recyclers offered more than conventional waste management solutions. Doko Recyclers didn't just offer conventional waste management solutions; they pioneered innovative approaches to tackle the issue at its core - introducing a source-segregation system and implementing a rewards program incentivized responsible waste disposal, transforming recycling into a communal effort. Their forward-thinking strategies not only addressed environmental concerns but also inspired a shift towards sustainable living.

At present, Doko serves over 120 corporate clients and provides service to more than 5,000 households. With a team of 60 members, Doko Recyclers is committed to preventing recyclable and reusable waste from ending up in landfills. They also actively engage in awareness campaigns and workshops geared towards schools, having conducted informative sessions on proper and sustainable waste management to over 5,000 students across.

With the help of their own Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), Doko Recyclers package the waste separately and sells it to factories for reuse. Doko has started working on e-waste in Kathmandu, albeit initially on a modest scale. The company has since broadened its customer base and increased its efforts in collecting electronic waste, indicating their plans for expansion in the e-waste management segment.  Although Doko does not deal in organic waste directly, it sells house composting systems in partnership with Praramya Biotech.

A Symphony of Services

Doko Recyclers' services extend beyond the ordinary, offering a symphony of sustainable solutions that cater to both individuals and businesses alike. Here are some of their innovative services that have been instrumental in redefining recycling:

1. Residential Recycling Programs: Doko Recyclers makes recycling accessible to households by providing convenient collection services. They not only collect traditional recyclables like paper, glass, and plastic but also go the extra mile by encouraging the recycling of electronics, textiles, and even composting organic waste.

2. Corporate Partnerships: Doko Recyclers collaborates with businesses, helping them adopt sustainable practices. Through customized recycling programs and waste reduction strategies, they assist companies in reducing their environmental footprint.

3. Educational Initiatives: Education is a key component of their mission. Doko Recyclers conducts workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns in schools and communities to inspire and educate people about the importance of recycling and sustainable living.

4. Innovative Upcycling: Doko Recyclers doesn't stop at just recycling; they're champions of upcycling as well. Their team of creative minds transforms discarded materials into unique and functional products, from upcycled fashion to repurposed furniture.

5. E-Waste Management: As electronic waste continues to be a growing concern, Doko Recyclers offers specialized services for e-waste collection and responsible disposal, ensuring that toxic components don't harm our environment.

 Join the Recycling Revolution

Doko Recyclers' journey is a testament to what's possible when a group of individuals comes together with a shared vision to make the world a better place. Their innovative services and unwavering commitment to sustainability inspire us all to join the recycling revolution. Whether you're a homeowner looking to reduce waste or a business leader seeking eco-friendly solutions, Doko Recyclers provides the guidance and services needed to make a positive impact.

Through the USAID Business Accelerator for Clean Air, Doko plans to upgrade the Material Recovery Facility dedicated to paper shredding and recycling services. The MRF will be able to shred 3 tons a day and store about 50 tons of shredded and un-shredded paper. This will divert it from landfills, thus eliminating the need for burning and preventing over 600 metric tons CO2 emissions.