PRO2 Project: Closing the Chapter, Achievements and Future Possibilities

PRO2 Project: Closing the Chapter, Achievements and Future Possibilities

ROOTS (Recreating Opportunities and Occupation for Thriving Societies) is an initiative to tackle Nepal’s migration challenges, focusing on boosting employment opportunities and enhancing working conditions within the country. The Pilot Project was launched in August 2023 and was supported by PRO2, a Dutch NGO dedicated to aiding returnee migrant workers in Nepal. One to Watch designed and implemented the project, contributing expertise, resources, and support, leading the project, while PRO2 provided strategic guidance and financial backing. Together, they strived to create jobs in Nepal, addressing challenges for returnee migrants, promoting local employability, and fostering sustainable livelihoods.

Following a meticulous review of 30 prospective businesses, three were carefully selected — Leaf Plus, Pick and Drop, and Sajilo Sewa for their alignment with the project’s goals. These enterprises received invaluable grant support and tailored business development services, propelling them towards success.

In just 8 months, significant progress has been made across all three beneficiary companies. With grant support, they acquired vital resources and technologies, while tailored business development services addressed their unique needs, from tech upgrades to fundraising assistance and marketing support.

The impact has been tangible: Leaf Plus boosted production capacity, Pick and Drop expanded with six new branches, and Sajilo Sewa underwent significant technology enhancements and marketing outreach, culminating in the establishment of a Training Academy.

A primary objective of the initiative was to create new job opportunities. With the support provided, the beneficiaries have successfully created 60 new jobs, empowering individuals and strengthening local economies.

Moreover, the project's impact transcends mere job creation. The significant representation of women employees and returnee migrants within the beneficiary companies — 40% female and 20% migrant workers among new hires — underscores our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

Read more about the project here.

Following the success of our pilot project, we are planning to build on it to scale it further with a new project — HOME (Hopeful Opportunities for Migrants and Entrepreneurs). As we prepare for this next phase, we are currently fundraising for the initiative. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at