Revitalizing Tradition with a Modern Twist: Nakkashi Nepal's Journey of Craftsmanship

Revitalizing Tradition with a Modern Twist: Nakkashi Nepal's Journey of Craftsmanship

Located in the heart of Suryabinayak, a place steeped in the rich tradition of woodwork, six friends gathered over tea and shared a common dream: to seamlessly merge the time-honored art of woodcraft with a contemporary twist by incorporating digital engravings. Since their start in 2022, these friends immersed themselves in learning and mastering the intricate artistry of their craft before bringing their products to their customers under the business name, Nakkashi Nepal.

With a name deeply rooted in their craft, "Nakkashi," meaning 'carving,' they embarked on a mission to craft personalized and high-quality handicrafts that not only immortalize life's most cherished moments but also grace homes and businesses with elegance and creativity.

From their modest workshop, they are currently producing over 20 products that cater to a vast range of needs. Customers can personalize day-to-day accessories such as keyrings, combs, coasters, laptop stands, resin wall clocks, and desk name stands to match their style while elevating their work and living space. Friends and families can gather and play with JENGA sets that encompass a Nepali twist or entertain themselves with a revamped version of our home-grown traditional game, Baag Chal

For marking special moments and milestones, Nakkashi crafts personalized souvenirs, awards, trophies, customizable portraits, cake toppers, and appreciation plaques, ensuring that each occasion is celebrated in style. Moreover, for those seeking distinctive signage solutions, Nakkashi offers door signage, brand boards, room number plaques, and D&D plates that leave a lasting impression on businesses and hotels alike.

Their most selling product, the engraved QR Scan plaques bring style and quality where digital payments are now a necessity. Each Nakkashi creation is a testament to their commitment to quality and creativity, making them a go-to destination for those who truly appreciate the art of high-quality, personalized handicrafts.

Nakkashi Nepal has established itself as a trusted name in their locality. They aspire to expand their reach and constantly add products to meet the changing demands.

Discover the beauty of handcrafted treasures that honor life's most meaningful moments and grace your surroundings with elegance and artistry either displayed at Nakkashi Café in Suryabinayak,, or view them online at: