ROOTS - Recreating Opportunities and Occupations for Thriving Societies
Supporting potential and returnee migrant workers in Nepal by creating domestic employment opportunities
Source: The Kathmandu Post
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About the Project

ROOTS is an initiative to tackle Nepal’s migration challenges, focusing on boosting employment opportunities and enhancing working conditions within the country. The Pilot Project was launched in August 2023 and was supported by PRO2, a Dutch NGO dedicated to aiding returnee migrant workers in Nepal. One to Watch designed and implemented the project, contributing expertise, resources, and support, leading the project, while PRO2 provided strategic guidance and financial backing. Together, they strived to create jobs in Nepal, addressing challenges for returnee migrants, promoting local employability, and fostering sustainable livelihoods.


The PRO2 Project offers the following for the selected applicants:

PRO2 is a Dutch NGO dedicated to supporting returnee migrant workers in Nepal by creating employment opportunities within the country.

The goal of the PRO2 project is to promote local employment and create sustainable livelihoods for returnees.

The PRO2 Project offers Customized Business Development Support (BDS) and Financial Support to selected companies.

The total program duration is 8 months, starting from August 2023 to March 2024.

Three companies shall be selected to receive the project support.

  1. Businesses that have been in operation for greater than 2 years and are looking to scale.
  2. Businesses with the potential to generate increased employment, especially those committed to hiring returning migrant workers.
  3. Businesses seeking management, technical and strategic advisory support.

OTW is a partner organization that will provide the necessary expertise, resources, and support to lead the design and implementation of the PRO2 project.

  1. There are no fees.
  2. The Program is supported by PRO2 and OTW.

The initiative helps businesses create jobs by offering financial support and addressing the specific needs and challenges of the selected companies. This initiative aims to increase employment opportunities and promote sustainable livelihoods within Nepal.

Project Timeline