Sweet Cake Bake: A Bakery Beyond the Streets of Sallaghari

Sweet Cake Bake: A Bakery Beyond the Streets of Sallaghari

A delightful bakery by the name of Sweet Cake Bake has been casting a sweet spell on the taste buds of its patrons for the past decade. Founded in 2013 by the enterprising duo of Prabindra and Sujina Bajracharya, this cozy bakery has come a long way, evolving from a modest distribution channel for baked goods to a thriving bakery chain with three branches in Sallaghari, Banepa, and Thimi.

Sweet Cake Bake specializes in assortment of cakes, along with customized cakes for any special occasion. Their cakes are budget-friendly, with slices priced between 60-80 NPR and a pound ranging from NPR 500 to 800. Beyond cakes, also offers bread and cookies that cater to different tastes. Notably, sweet cake bake has recently introduced bakery training classes, to support aspiring bakers within the community.

Sweet Cake Bake’s customer base predominantly comprises young people in search of scrumptious birthday cakes at competitive prices. Older customers, on the other hand, flock to their outlets for their savory bread and an assortment of rich cookies. The word of mouth, along with pre-orders, remains their primary mode of sales.

Sweet Cake Bake has cultivated much trust among their customers. Operating from their flagship store in Sallaghari, Sweet Cake Bake also  distributes its bakery items through Banepa and Thimi branches. This allows them to cater to a broader audience, including walk-in customers from Bhaktapur and other parts of Kathmandu.

However, like any business on the rise, Sweet Cake Bake faces its share of challenges. Managing staff retention has been a hurdle, with employees often leaving after a short stint. Yet, looking ahead, Sweet Cake Bake plans to open more branches, explore partnerships with food delivery companies, and venture into online sales. These aspirations align with the evolving culinary landscape and the growing demand for quality baked goods.