The last mile for BUILD: One to Watch prepares to conclude the program, reflecting on its achievements

The last mile for BUILD: One to Watch prepares to conclude the program, reflecting on its achievements

With its initiation in May 2023, the Business Upliftment for Integrated Local Development (BUILD) was established to provide business development support (BDS) to 20 SMEs in Suryabinayak Municipality. The aim was to engage the local municipality and enable SMEs to expand their market reach, generate new employment opportunities, and contribute to increased revenue for the Municipality.

As the program approaches completion, for One to Watch, it was worth reflecting on the progress towards achieving the program's intended goals.

Assessing impact on ground

It was crucial for all stakeholders involved that the beneficiary companies received the program's Business Development Support satisfactorily. The months of February and March therefore focused on assessing the impact on the ground, evaluating the adoption of business development support, and measuring the SMEs' ability to strengthen their business management capacity and access funds.

SMEs are successfully supported to improve their business capacity and access to finance

The BUILD program provided 41 tailored support interventions to enhance the business capacity of 20 SMEs. As a result, 7 SMEs have improved their ability to access funds from BFIs and PEVC, 10 SMEs are now better equipped to meet legal and regulatory compliances, and 17 SMEs have improved their marketing function and digital presence. Read in-depth SME impact stories here.

One to Watch also discovered that through BUILD’s customized BDS, SMEs have gained a better ability to understand business gaps, adopt corrective measures, and explore funding opportunities for business growth.

Suryabinayak Municipality is supported to respond effectively to the needs of local SMEs.

The BUILD program was implemented in collaboration with Suryabinayak Municipality. Staffs from the local authority were involved throughout all stages of project implementation. BUILD has successfully capacitated five municipal staffs by improving their understanding of the local entrepreneurial landscape and equipping them with tools and insights to respond more effectively to the business development support needs of local SMEs.

Supporting local employment opportunities in Suryabinayak

The program has exceeded its goal of retaining 100 jobs and creating 20 new jobs. During 8 months of dedicated business development support, BUILD has supported 249 jobs in Suryabinayak Municipality, which includes 52 new jobs created. 68% of total jobs are held by women. 

One to Watch (OTW) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC partnered with the Suryabinayak Municipality to unlock local economic growth and strengthen the capacity of the local government to engage with the private sector through delivery of business development services. 

The closing ceremony for BUILD program is taking place on 9th April 2024.