Himalayan Fabs International: Sharing the Warmth of Nepali Pashmina Worldwide

Himalayan Fabs International: Sharing the Warmth of Nepali Pashmina Worldwide

Founded by Mr. Padam Bahadur Thapa in 2010, Himalayan Fabs International is a producer of premium-quality cashmere and pashmina products. Located in the Suryabinayak Municipality, the business deploys traditional hand-looming techniques using Himalayan Mountain Goat wool to produce a range of exquisite cashmere and pashmina products.

The products of Himalayan Fabs International pay homage to the Himalayas and Chyangra, Himalayan Mountain goat that yields the much-cherished cashmere and pashmina. Through products that include sweaters for men, women, and children, as well as hand-loomed accessories like blankets, throws, felted shawls, stoles, scarves, fluffy mufflers, ponchos, wraps, gloves, socks, hats, and beanies, Himalayan Fabs International is sharing the warmth and luxury of Nepali pashmina with the world.

The business has expanded significantly over the years, providing employment to over fifty individuals in Suryabinayak, with a significant portion of its workforce being experienced women in the pashmina industry.

One of the key factors contributing to Himalayan Fabs International's success is their premium offerings and eco-friendly manufacturing methods. Their focus on environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing makes them a prominent player in the international cashmere market. The wool used in Himalayan Fab’s products are sourced from mountain goats that roam freely in the Himalayan range, the dyes are earth friendly, and the business upholds zero child-labor policy.

While, Himalayan Fabs has penetrated the international markets such as Sweden, USA, United Kingdom, and Australia, their goal is to further expand the reach of their premium products, whilst uplifting the idea of “Pashmina Made in Nepal”. Additionally, they plan to come up with reasonable price points to cater to the domestic market as well. 

Himalayan Fabs International's focus on sustainability, along with ethical practices, is uplifting the business's brand name, and, in effect, it is also uplifting local employment in Suryabinayak Municipality.