Nurturing Health and Entrepreneurship: Aass Amrit Udhyog's Inspiring Story

Nurturing Health and Entrepreneurship: Aass Amrit Udhyog's Inspiring Story

Amid the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the year marked the start of a remarkable tale of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. While the entire country was under lockdown, mothers and their newborns still required optimal nutrients for their health and well-being. This is where Aass Amrit Udhyog was born, with the mission of providing nutrient-rich food options for mothers and infants.

At the helm of this venture is Samata Dahal, who utilized her training from the World Health Organization (WHO) to manufacture Lito at home. This laid the cornerstone for Aass Amrit Udhyog.  Gradually, Samata combined her generational wisdom and contemporary nutrition insights to produce Lito, Satu, and Sutkeri Masala.

Lito, Sattu and sutkeri masala are traditional food supplements known to and used by every Nepali household. Made from roasted rice,millet, maize , gram, barley among other ingredients these super food  provide essential nutrients to new mothers and babies. Regardless, the products are also cherished by normal people for its generally accepted health benefits.

Aaas Amrit Kahdya Udhyog utilizes social media  and family-owned retail outlet for product sales. The company has successfully nurtured connections, and reached out to new buyers through word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers. Their delectable and healthful products have rapidly gained a reputation for impeccable quality, steadily amassing a loyal and ever-growing customer base in their locality.

While Aass Amrit Khadya Udhyog has undeniably achieved remarkable success, the business still lies in its start-up phase. The journey ahead holds exciting prospects. The company is proactively awaiting their mandatory DFTQC number, which will promote sense of safety in the products and significantly enhance the business’s marketing and sales outreach.

Aass Amrit Udhyog aims to expand its reach, serve broader customer base, and enhance the health and well-being of new mothers and their cherished little ones.