One to Watch launches Business Upliftment for Integrated Local Development (BUILD) Program in Suryabinayak Municipality

One to Watch launches Business Upliftment for Integrated Local Development (BUILD) Program in Suryabinayak Municipality

One to Watch is making a significant impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem through its Project BUILD initiative. By initiating market scoping and application sourcing in Suryabinayak Municipality, One to Watch is actively working towards enhancing the understanding of the local government about its SME landscape and catalyzing the local economy.

To ensure maximum outreach and engagement with registered businesses, One to Watch organized open house events in collaboration with cooperatives, banks, and associations in Suryabinayak Municipality. By partnering with key stakeholders such as Industries, Bhaktapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Bhaktapur Chamber of Commerce, and esteemed banks like Nabil Bank, Siddhartha Bank, and Laxmi Bank, One to Watch was able to connect with a diverse range of businesses.

As part of its commitment to knowledge-sharing and fostering a supportive community, One to Watch supported the establishment of a dedicated Viber community for the Suryabinayak municipality. This community serves as a central platform for sharing updates about Project BUILD, which will eventually be transferred to the municipality to share relevant updates, news, and announcements. This not only facilitates effective communication but also creates a space for ongoing collaboration and support within the local business community.

Through these comprehensive efforts, One to Watch has successfully connected with businesses at various levels, including grass-root level MSMEs and growth-oriented, scalable SMEs. This engagement has allowed them to identify and analyze the unique needs of these businesses. By gaining valuable insights, One to Watch is better equipped to design customized business development support tailored to the specific requirements of each enterprise.

Overall, One to Watch's Project BUILD is driving positive change in the ecosystem by fostering economic growth, empowering local businesses, and establishing a supportive network that paves the way for sustainable development and success.

Project BUILD is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation SDC and is being implemented by One to Watch in collaboration with Suryabinyak Municipality.