Seedland Nepal: A Leading Expert in Mushroom Cultivation

Seedland Nepal: A Leading Expert in Mushroom Cultivation

A pioneer in mushroom farming, Seedland Nepal offers a comprehensive one stop solution for mushroom cultivation. The company has over a decade of experience in mushroom cultivation within Nepal, and has established itself as a leading expert in the field. Their expertise extends to the production of four distinct mushroom varieties and mushroom seeds, which are employed using cutting-edge tissue and liquid culture methods.

Established in 2012 by Mr. Sanish and Mrs. Neeru Dumasu, Seedland Nepal reflects the dynamic partnership between its founders. Mr. Sanish brings his scientific expertise to the forefront, while Mrs. Neeru adeptly manages the day-to-day business operations. The company's dedicated workforce consists of 22 employees, which is also noteworthy for the fact that more than half of them are women.

“Seedland Nepal is a well-recognized brand for mushroom and mushroom seeds in Nepal,” the founders of Seedland highlight. In the past seven years Seedland has managed to establish itself as a leading brand that produces high quality mushroom and mushroom seeds in the country.  The company produces western button, shiitake and ganoderma mushroom as well as seeds. While mushroom are harvested on a quarterly basis, the seeds are produced daily in a laboratory located at Suryabinayak Municipality. Seedland produces 3000 packets of seeds on a day to day basis. Once packaged in air-tight packets they are sold in over 62 districts of Nepal through various private and government-owned agro vet shops.

Seedland Nepal is favored by famers and traders alike. The business has also experienced significant growth, marked by a sevenfold increase in its employment generation capacity since its inception. However, this expansion has given rise to imitations in the market. Given that mushrooms are a fairly homogenous product, Seedland Nepal faces a challenge in establishing a distinct brand identity, which has led to confusion among many vendors, and occasional misplacement of order with wrong businesses.

Despite these challenges, the owners, Sanish and Neeru, remain highly enthusiastic about the growth potential of their business. Their focus now is to bolster Seedland Nepal’s identity by adopting proactive branding strategies in the market.